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Carolina Ruiz wins World Cup ski downhill

Congratulations to Carolina Ruiz for her first win in World Cup downhill! 23.02.2013 this Spanish skier beat Maria Hoefl-Riesch of Germany by 0.20 seconds and Frenchwoman Marie Marchand-Arvier by 0.21. Carolina is an incredible skier from Sierra Nevada Ski Resort where Moustache Boy is located. We wish her other great results in the World Cup Tour!


Happy New Year 2013!

We hope you enjoyed the Christmas time and that you started well the New Year! We wish you an awesome 2013 and we hope you will love our new designs that we´re preparing for the new season. All the best!


Volkswagen Camper

What is the most famous surf car? No doubt, the Volkswagen bus. Since more than 60 years it´s a legend and a dream of all surfers. It has changed its versions, names and equipment. We choose the Volkswagen Camper that will always be the symbol of freedom, travels and life full of challenges and emotions. Here we present you some of the most astonish photos of the mythic Volkswagen and its most rare versions. We couldn´t find any photos of the bus transformed in a space vehicle but we´ll contact Nasa as to suggest that it would be a perfect vehicle for its future Mars travel. It would be just awesome!





GoPro Vintage

GoPro has just launched the new version of its famous camera (GoPro3). As always, the promotional trailer is just awesome and shows some incredible imagines. Soon we´ll see how it really works and what people think about it.

GoPro products has revolutionized the way we record and film extreme sports. They represent the reference for their competitors and allowed a ´normal´ people create a really good and interesting extreme sports movies. But how was the world before the invention of GoPro?

Definitely, world was bigger, more square, of worse quality and fixed with adhesive tape. Here we present you some photos of peple helmet camera inventions in the past. Must say that human imagination has no limits.


go pro vintage gopro retro go pro vintage gopro retro


go pro vintage gopro retro go pro vintage gopro retro

go pro vintage gopro retro go pro vintage gopro retro


Photos Source: via Moustache on Pinterest

Nómada Market in Madrid, Spain

5, 6 and 7 October 2012 Moustache Boy moves to Madrid in Spain. We´ll participate in Nómada Market, an important independent fashion show. In total, there´re more than 150 designers showing their creations so fun and originality are guaranteed. We invite you to visit our stand and see our t-shirts. More info the trade (only in Spanish).

madrid fashion show nomada market




You like Moustache?? Together with 954BMX we launch our new photo MOUSTACHE CONTEST.


The winner will get 3 Moustache Boy t shirts.


All you need to do is to send us your photo that shows an awesome moustache while you jump with your BMX.


Deadline to send the photo: 15.10.2012 – you have 20 days to let you mustache grow.

You can download a printable moustache that you can use to take the photo (download it here). You can use a fake moustache as well. However, the natural mustache has more chance to win the contest. The use of Photoshop is not valid.

Send the photo to

You can see the contest basis at


moustache contest bmx mustache


Sport Lego

You know Lego??? Surely all of us used to play with this plastic pieces creating cities, houses and incredible stories. But then we grow up and many years ago we put them away. However Lego is still there, launching now collections and figures. Now you can find Lego figures representing movie stars, musicians, etc. And as it seems sportsman.

Some days ago we saw some asemowe photos of Lego skiing. He investigated a littel more this subject and now we present you the selection of the best Lego photos we’ve found online. We just loved it. And the Volkswagen van is just awseome. We want it for Christmas!

lego spor tskiing lego photo sport lego skate photo

Source: via Moustache on Pinterest

Source: via Moustache on Pinterest



lego surfing sport lego bmx sport 



lego volksvagen surfing

lego bike sport lego surfing sport

Source: via Moustache on Pinterest

 Source: via Moustache on Pinterest Source: via Moustache on Pinterest

Moustache Edit – first mustache BMX video

(17/09/2012) A couple of days ago, 954BMX blogspot prepared an awesome BMX video from mustache perspective. We colaborated in this small production and you can see some of our bike t-shirts in the video. We recommend you to visit 954BMX blog (only for Spanish speakers) as it's one of the referent in this subject.


Mustache Edit is only the beginning of our collaboration with BMX blog. This week we'll launch a joint photo competition. Prepare you mustache! It's going to be the clue to win our tee shirts. Shortly we'll inform you about the details.


Meanwhile we leave you the link to our video:



Moustache Edit from 954bmx on Vimeo.




Sarah Burke´s birthday

Today (3/9/12) it would be Sarah Burke 30 birthday.





Sarah was an incredible skier, a freestyle pioneer and an amazing person. She won 4 gold Winter X Games medals in Super pipe and many other competitions. She was one of the favorites to win the next Winter Olympic Games in ski super pipe. Her tragic accident in January was a shock to everybody. For us, Sarah is still an icon and an inspiration. Her phrase ´always dream big´ is our motto. Happy Birthday Sara and RIP. You´ll always be in our hearts.


Cecilia rulezzzz

Since yesterday Cecilia Giménez became the star of Spanish media. This 80-years old grandma restored by her owns a XIX century wall painting in the local church in Borja, Spain. All the Spanish TV news showed Cecilia´s work and it became the most commented topic of the day. Just in 24 hours Cecilia and her tuned wall painting inspired many Facebook funpages that right now gather more than 36.000 fans!

cristo de borja spain cecilia


We are really impressed by the grandma´s  work. However, Cecilia assures that she doesn´t understand why she became the spotlight and she confess that in the past she restored other wall-painting in the same church.


Yeah, we love hardcore!!!  

Main Cecilia´s Facebook fanpages:

Señoras que restauran Cristos de Borja, 19.157 fans (16:24. 23/08/2012)

Club de Fans de Cecilia : La restauradora del Cristo de Borja, 17.167 fans (16:24. 23/08/2012)


London 2012 vs 1908

London Olympic Games finished four days ago and we already want them to start again. What an amaising show of human possibilities and how do we exceed human body limits. Great sport and women beauty exhibition.

We have just found some very interesting photos of Olympic Games organized as well in London but more than hundred years ago, in 1908. The photos bring you a fascinating journey in time that put in evidence how everything changes. Different sports modalities, suits and preparation. Awesome experience.

London Olympic Games 1908
London Olympic Games 1908
London Olympic Games 1908
London Olympic Games 1908



London Olympic Games 1908
London Olympic Games 1908


London Olympic Games 1908



Moustache Boy would like to congratulate to all the medalists and the participants in Olympic Games in London for their effort and hard work in achieving the highest sport level. We want the Olympic back!!!!


Moustache Boy Bike Tshirts

In Mustache Boy we´re great fans of two wheels and we keep working on our bike t shirts collection. Our unique designs are perfect for all bicycle lovers. What do you prefer? MTB, BMX, fixie, cycling or downhill? Try our extreme tee shirts.


bike t shirts cycling tee shirts bmx fixie mtb


bike t shirts cycling tee shirts bmx fixie mtbbike t shirts cycling tee shirts bmx fixie mtb






II MTB Downhill, Sierra Nevada ski resort, Spain

28-29/07/2012 in the ski resort Sierra Nevada in Spain took place a Downhill MTB race organized by BullBikes.

Moustache Boy took part in this event and we presented our t shirts stand in Pradollano square, at the bottom of the ski resort. Here you can see some photos of the competition.

mtb downhill mtb downhill

mtb downhill mtb downhill bike

Tarifa Masters of Kiteboard

For the first time, city of Tarifa and LastLap organized the Tarifa Masters of Kiteboard. The event took place 19-22 July 2012 in one of the most famous kitesurfing spots, Valdevaqueros beach, Tarifa, Spain. In the competition took part the top world riders as Gisela Pulido, Alex Pastor, Petr Tyuskevich and many more. They competed individualy and in pairs (synchro).

tarifa masters of kitebaord kitesurf spain tarifa masters of kiteboard



Free style man:


Free style women:

Synchro man:

Synchro woman:

1º Alex Pastor
2º Petr Tyuskevich
3º Álvaro Onieva

1º Gisela Pulido
2º Ángela Peral
3º Julia Castro

Pair: Petr Tyuskevich y Rafa Vilches

Pair: Ángela Peral y Sasha Gabriel


 kite tarifa masters of kiteboard kitesurf kite surf tarifa masters of kiteboard spain

We presented our t-shirt in a stand next to the beach bar. Moustache Boy wants to thank LastLap for letting us take part in this event and for their help. Without you we would be able to be there. Here you can see some photos made by LastLap photographers.  


tarifa masters of kiteboard kite spain tarifa masters of kite board

tarifa masters of kite




Moustache Boy is one of the sponsors of the TARIFA MASTERS OF KITEBOARD! Wanna meet best world kitesurf riders? Visit us this weekend in Tarifa, Spain - The competition starts 19 July and ends on Sunday. We have prepared special offers for this event and you´ll find our t shirt stand at Valdevaqueros beach. On Saturday you can enjoy as well a night kitesurfing show and a concert at the beach YEAAAAHHHHH!


kitesurfing spain tarifa kitesurf

Surf beer

 Cold surf beer! Our new design

tee shirt surf mustache


Air Festival, El Yelmo in Spain

6, 7 and 8 July 2012 we participated in International Air Festival, El Yelmo in Spain. It´s a unique meeting of all paragliding, paramotor and base jump lovers. This year we enjoyed amazing exhibition of the best word pilots as Raúl Rodríguez,  Horacio Llorens and many more. We invite you to participate in this extraordinary event. To find more, visit the official Festival website

During the event we presented our t-shirts and must say that Da Vinci Flights was the most popular design in the Festival ;)


paragliding spain yelmo paragliding t shirt spain

 paragliding spain t shirt paragliding spain

Spain wins Euro

Spanish football team made history and won its second Euro in a row. Congratulations to the team!


Moustache Boy Extreme Dog

We present Moustache Boy Dog. It seems that he likes extreme sports as much as we do haha


mustache extreme dog


Fixie t shirt

Today we launch our new t-shirt dedicated to all fixie lovers. The design is based on an original vintage illustration that we simply adore. Enjoy!


bike t shirt fixie mustache fixed gear



International Surfing Day

Today it´s INTERNATIONAL SURFING DAY! We join the celebration and offer a special 15% DISCOUNT on our surf t-shirt. Don´t miss it! The offer is valid till Friday.


surf t shirt International Surfing Day

Source: via Moustache on Pinterest

International Surfing Day is supported by TransWorl Surf Magazine and Surfrider Foundation. It´s goal is to celebrate the great sport of surfing and to protect the oceans by increasing the environmental awareness. Now in its eighth year that is being organized and it count with more than 200 separate events in over 25 different countries. To learn more visit




Gone diving

We have just launched our first submarine t-shirt - DIVING. Very original tee dedicated to underworld lovers. High quality print of air tank at the back, very smooth and almost seamless. First one sold to Sponge Bob ;-)



Photo: Moustache Boy Diving in Menorca, Spain.


diving t shirt



it´s monday! we´re back and preparing the t-shirts ;-)


mustache koszulki


Let´s Surf! new design in our online shop, soon available in red and white.

Cool Biker

Today we launch new colors of one of our favorite designs - COOL BIKER. Now available in red, purple and green. Soon as well in white and gray. We love moustache!


cycling fixie t shirt


We love climbing!

Climber t-shirt available in our online shop! Enjoy!


climbing t shirt

Tarifa, Spain

This weekend was really tough ;) but finally we managed to come back. Moustache Boy visited Tarifa (Spain), one of the best kitesurf resorts


kitesurfing tarifa spain kitesurfing tarifa spain kitesurf kitesurfing tarifa spain kitesurf kitesurfing tarifa spain kitesurf

Pinterest account!

he have our Pinterest account! visit Moustache Boy profile and see our favorite photos!


we´ve prepared a special tribute  to all stunning sport girls! Check our new board at pinterest

Monkey Ride presentation

Yesterday we had a chance to present our new t-shirt Monkey Ride to Juanito Oiarzabal, one of the best alpinists and mountain climbers in the world. He´s the fourth man in the world in climbing all the 8000 meters picks without using the artificial oxygen. Right know he´s struggling to do it once more and to become the first man ever that did all the 8000 meters picks twice. Good luck! Yesterday we gave to Juanito our new climbing t-shirt – soon available in our online shop.


climbing t shirt juanito Oiarzabal juanito Oiarzabal

Special Offer!

To celebrate the launch of our new website we have a special offer for you! ALL THE T-SHIRTS FOR 26 EUROS!!



We have as well a new surf t-shirt available in our online shop! Big Surfer looking for a big wave!


Moustache Boy participate in mountain race ´La Legión´ in Ronda (Málaga), Spain


12/05/2012, thanks to Juan Viedma Muñoz, Moustache Boy took part in the famous mountain race ¨La Legión 101´ in Ronda (Málaga), Spain.


It´s an extreme thought race of 101 km and 2300 meters of height difference. This year more than 7000 people participated in ´La  Legión´ choosing one of the modalities: individual walk, team walk, duathlon and MTB.


Congratulations to Juan and thank you for the photos!!! The race is organized since 1995 by military men and the goat is the legion symbol.


      Moustache Boy in Ronda

If you want to know more about ´La legion´ visit official race website



Or watch a video summary in YouTube



Moustache Boy at the seaside

Time to relax ;)


Moustache Boy Moustache Boy mustache

We are OPEN!!!

After months of hard work we´ve finally launched our website! Hope you like it! We´re really proud of it ;) Thanks to everyone who helped us and to our friends that appear on the photos! YOU´RE THE BEST!